Philippa Crunden, MBACP

Counselling in Twickenham

Tel: 07434 874895

Email: [email protected]

Counselling for anxiety 

I first met Philippa around 18 months ago.  I had struggled with a range of past trauma which presented itself in my adult life and I was searching for some guidance to help me deal with it, alongside suffering with bad anxiety. I had never had counselling prior to meeting Philippa and naturally I was very nervous but Philippa immediately made me feel at ease. She helped me work through the issues that I thought would never be able to cope with and seeing her always feels like such a relief. She is so understanding, a good listener and non-judgmental. Her support has helped me navigate through my issues and learn to manage my feelings. I cannot thank her enough.   

Support for low self-esteem 

Counselling for me has been life-changing. I know that sounds dramatic, but working with Philippa has been a godsend. When I started therapy I was lost and confused, struggling with a difficult relationship and with very low self esteem. Philippa’s approach is friendly and compassionate - I’ve always felt supported and - above all - listened to. I gained the courage to leave a job that I hated and my relationships are so much better, not to mention my confidence. I like myself now, for the first time ever.

Thank you.